Friday, March 14, 2014


The artist in the video chose to make a GIF of her hand opening and closing because of her frequent hand cramps. Cheerleading plays a big part of my life; I'm constantly flipping. This is why I chose to draw me doing a back tuck as my GIF.



Artists communicate through their work:
- This art work is intended to be a recognizable face (commonly seen on social media sites) to the viewers.
-This girl's face is intended to mean or say: "what", "umm", or what ever the reader wants it to mean.
-The only issue that I had with my art work was knowing what parts to carve out for the next step.
-This art work shows that I do enjoy interacting with the Chloe face even on social media. My use of colors show my fun and creative side as well.

Artists develop art making skills:
-From working on this project I have learned how to carve (make a stamp), how to use a transfer sheet and how to use a brail.
-I also gained skills with familiar materials such as paint and a paint roller.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Meme Post

My first definition of art: A creative way to express your feelings; a colorful or non-colorful painting, sculpture, or design; a way of looking at the world
My second definition of art: A creative way to express your feelings and personality