Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Artists Create Original Art:
I used my own unique ideas in this portrait by shading and blending. I also tried using different values to show where the light hits my brother's face.

-My source of inspiration for this portrait was a picture of my brother. I chose to draw him because my parents would not let me draw them and I would have harshly criticized my drawing if I had drawn myself. I didn't really combine this portrait with my own ideas, I just tried to capture all of my brother's facial features.

Artist Have a Global Awareness of Artmaking:
-I did find some inspiration form Kehinde Wiley's paintings. His paintings are very realistic, detailed, and beautiful.

-I did not use technology as a tool for this project, but I could have by projecting a picture of my brother on the board and tracing his face onto my paper.

-This portrait does look good as part of the Apex art community; I did participate as an art community member.

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