Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wearable Art

Galaxy Head band
Artists Develop Art Making Skills
FFor e
-I did learn new techniques while doing this project. I learned how to make dye, how to use dry dye for a darker affect, and how to splatter paint (to get the stars affect).
-I also gained skill with similar material such as cotton, tie-dye, and paint while working on this project.

Artists Collaborate
-During my work process I did ask a couple of other students to look at my art. I had asked my friends Callie and Caytlin for their feedback. Having some one examine your art work is great because most of the time they help you improve your art work by seeing things that you did not see.
-As I was doing some headband research for this project on Wanelo, it really inspired me to be creative in my own way because on Wanelo everyone post their own creations. This inspired me to make my headband look like it could be bought on Wanelo.

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