Art 1 Final Exam

Required Question:
When working on your art in this course you had a range of choices in each project.  This was the first year Apex’s art department used the “Open Art Room.” Do you feel that this range and choice encouraged you to grow as an artist? Please explain how it did, if not, explain how it in.
Yes! The "Open Art Room" defiantly encouraged me to grow as an artist. Making my own decisions on what kind of art I was going to create has made use the creative artsy side of my brain. It has really encouraged me to make something beautiful and unique at the same time. I feel that if everyone in class had to create the same art piece, then the meaning of class would become: you're not good unless you draw better than everyone else. I loved the "Open Art Room" because it gave us so much freedom.
Other Questions:
Regardless of whether a project was successful or not, describe the one where you learned, grew, or developed the most from?  Please explain.

My origami project turned out terrible. It turned out very plan, dull and ugly. Although my art work was not a success, I did learn how to make some origami creations from watching some YouTube videos. I also learned how to cut out different card board shapes with a card board cutter. This project also taught me that using my resources can be very beneficial.

What is a technique you used in your artwork that worked well? Explain what technique it was and why it was successful.

The technique that I used in my portrait piece was shading. My shading was very successful because it made my brother's face more 3-D like. Using different values of shading on my brother's face really made the piece come to like. Before the shading he looked flat and life less. I am very thankful that I was able to incorporate shading to make my brother's facial features look real.
Which project was your most successful? Describe the theme and or topic and the process you went through to complete the project.
The GIF Project was my most successful project. This was most successful because of my ability to draw myself flipping and by using the website called: to put it together. The theme of this project was to do something that described us. My GIF is me doing a back tuck because I love to tumble and I'm constantly flipping. It doesn't matter where I am I can always whip out some kind of flip (one of my many talents). The process that I went through to complete this project was to draw myself flipping at 4 different positions on 4 different cards, then I took a picture of each card and uploaded them on to the GIF making website.

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